30 Day Stress Relief Journal – Day 19

Editor’s Note: I apologize for leaving such a huge gap! Some stuff went down recently, and I had to take a few days off to really process and get into a better headspace. 

Day 19 – Declutter that messy head! What’s going? Are you stressed? What is on your mind? 

Well, lots of things… I had a moment of clarity yesterday I neglected taking care of myself. I was so stressed about others and everything else I forgot about making sure my health, mentally and physically were ok. Whoever you are, no matter how busy you get, don’t forget self-love. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself with the best possible care.

Sharing is caring buuuuut…

Second, is this video I saw Chris Crocker post on his insta…

Know the difference between sharing & dwelling in how you feel:

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I realize I share a lot online, I do, but I do it a way to show that I do make mistakes and I’m human, so others know they aren’t alone if feeling some type of struggle.  I’m becoming more aware of what I post. I used to be super impulsive and word vomit every thought. Ever since I listened to Zac’s guest spot on Anna Faris’ podcast, I try not to be not quick to share EVERY little detail of my life. Share to connect with others, and leave the “dwelling” behind or at least converse with someone who is trained in assisting others. 🙂

Oprah with those words of wisdom… 

Your legacy is every life you’ve touched. – Maya Angelou

This is truly what I want to remember for when I leave this earth. It’s not about my merits or any physical possession. It’s about answering the questions: Did I inspire anyone to pursue their dreams and not give up? Did I instill faith in others that you work tirelessly for your goals? Did I ensure that people create a strong support system? I hate the idea of gift giving and being materialistic (totally another blog subject BUT), and the major gift I want to impart onto the world is that positivity opens doors negativity closes. Be kind, be humble, and be human.

Fight or Flight

While binge watching Graham Norton clips (LOVE HIS SHOW!) I stumbled on this and Anthony Joshua had such a great message. Being in a vulnerable moment, you can either be grateful you made it thus far and leave it at that, or you can get up and fight to the end ensuring you gave everything you had. Fight or flight. The fight I’m in right now is all about fighting for the next chapter in my life. I’m also fighting off doubters who think I’m insane for who my heart’s fallen for. Call me crazy. That’s your opinion. But smart people don’t mind the opinions of others. I’m going to keep on fighting like a champ.

Your Worth Is Your Kindness and Love 

Wonderful words for wonderful nerds. #quoteoftheday #zacharylevi #nerdhq #nerdlife #nerd

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Zac’s 100% right. You are not defined by your appearance, social and financial status, religion, etc. YOU ARE YOU THE YOUEST OF YOU (ok, so much for my attempt to be Dr. Seuss). Only you know the price point of your value. No one else can judge that. No one can judge other than The Lord. So, remember, LOVE yourself, know your worth and value and put kindness out there. OH! And remember dreams are hustled for not given. 🙂 Cheerio!

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