“The Main Thing of The Thing”

“If you take away anything from today’s homily, it’s this- don’t forget the main thing of the thing,” – Fr. James Goins

It’s 2017, and Christmas has gone fully commercialized. There was a time when I was a kid when yes I care about gifts, but what I enjoyed more was looking at Christmas lights, drinking hot cocoa, having Christmas music on 24/7, and spending time with Phamily. Now it’s an intimidating list of people you have to shop for, wondering how you are going to get that loved one the iPhone X they want, looking at your budget so your credit card bills don’t rocket sky high. We’ve gone rogue and forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

Our pastor likes to touch on this philosophy before or during advent. I for one agree. I get super stressed out about “gift giving.” And that’s not even the main reason we celebrate Christmas. We’ve been given this gift to remember one of the biggest moments in history, and regardless of your creed… we’re given the gift of time. That is the time we can either waste away frantically shopping away our heart’s content or spending quality time with our loved ones. Now, I’m not anti-gift giving.

Gift giving can be a wonderful thing. Thinking about others, thinking about what their interests, desires, and hobbies are. However, we must balance it out by inserting the “ethos” of this holiday season – compassion. What we ultimately do unto others is the legacy we leave on this earth.

Now, now… it wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t mention Zac, right? Lucky for you, I do have something that he speaks on that relates to this very message. In Ana Farris’s “Unqualified” podcast he speaks (as always) so eloquently on how we’ve become a society of indulgence and that there’s this disconnect on emoting these emotions of thankfulness, and holiday joy, etc. year round and not just on these “ultimate” holidays.

Following the footsteps of Father Jim, I’d like to encourage everyone to exercise a little more compassion. In the midst of this “Christmas craziness” again regardless of your beliefs, let’s practice a little more kindness. Think about what can you do that will bring kindness and happiness to someone else’s life. Don’t just think about how you can financially make a difference, but how your time and talent can contribute as well. It’s a time where we need love and generosity to heal pain. Be a friend, be a neighbor, just in general – be a decent human being. Cheers and Merry Christmas, friends.



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