Passion is The Key

You were made for the place where your real passion meets your compassion, because there lies your purpose. – Ann Voskamp

The Giving Key is a business built on two premises – a single word and giving. They help transition many out of homelessness, and their headquarters are near skid row (a prominent community of the homeless in LA). They also hope whoever wears these necklaces passes on the message stamped on the keys whenever they feel like someone needs the word more. That mission attracted to me. Passing along a personal message, even a simple word impacts an individual’s life. After seeing several beautiful posts on Instagram, I decided to really contemplate on my word. The word I ended up choosing was passion. 

Passion meets purpose

passion noun  pas·sion  \ ˈpa-shən \  – intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

Passion is excitement. Passion is your drive, your own customized wiring to honestly care about something or someone. Years ago, I walked into my usual college lunch haunt and my sandwich maker asked me, “Hey, what’s your purpose in life?” I immediately answered, “To make others happy.” I want others to know that dreams are possible, happiness is not only a possibility it’s a reality and someone is in their corner. I firmly believe God made me with this organic and raw emotion of caring. Caring that’s the difference between someone who is passionate and who is not.

Passion for a forever mate

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey, a professional love coach, released a video recently illustrating excitement shows the significant others  “I AM A FUN PERSON TO DO LIFE WITH.”  Passion is a crucial quality I seek in my forever person. I want to hear their excitement for their careers, hobbies, family, friends, etc. Their energy sparks my interest. I went to a lunch with a gentleman one time, and there was absolutely no chemistry. ZIP, ZILCH NADA. I couldn’t hear his enthusiasm. He appeared so uninterested, blase, distant. Humans connect with each other through passion be it romantic or friendship.

Passion in Zac 

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 7.44.16 PM.png

Zac built an entire brand off a community that for a time was overlooked. Before nerdy became “culturally chic” Zac wanted a hub for nerds (The Nerd Machine) where they could purchase merch that celebrated Nerdom. His fabulous convention – Nerd HQ was more than a mere gathering. It was a festival of love, fervor, compassion. Conversation for a cause, dancing in euphoria with your tribe, and an overall epic spirit of togetherness in an otherwise labeled group.

You know how everyone jokes they can pinpoint the exact moment they fell for someone? It’s this moment right here I fell for Zac. Sure it was a simple “celeb crush” ages before, but watching this story and hearing his zealous tone and overwhelming emotion for an event that came from idea to execution all in the name of charity uplifts my heart. Regardless if Zac and I cross paths someday or not, he shows me what using my passion for positivity looks like. It’s kindness, selfless, nurturing and feeding not only your soul but the souls of others.

[On what has been the most heartwarming moment with fans in his career] Moments where someone tells me ‘whatever you brought into the world’ like what you told me how you met some of your closest friends on Nerd Machine forums and Nerd HQ that it all wasn’t in vain – Zac Levi at the Build Series

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.53.07 PM.png

Zac Levi with his giving key – FIGHT


If you have a moment please check out The Giving Keys! They’re absolutely fantastic with what they do as a brand and organization. I hope you find your word which will help you reflect your purpose.

Much love,


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