I’ve Got A Dream

If this is a safe space for sharing our hopes and dreams, and I like to think that it is, I’m going to share something I really haven’t mentioned before – I want to be a panelist someday. For what kind of event, I have no clue. To be honest, I’m not even sure I have the credibility to give a panel, but I dream of the day I give one because I love the conversations that engage and inspires one another.

My love of panels started right here:

It was super powerful for me to see Asian Americans having an honest dialogue about how much of a struggle it is to be an Asian in the Entertainment industry (a cause which I’m super passionate about which is a WHOLE other blog post on its own). I’m not the biggest fan of moderators, but even so, I think they did an excellent job asking refreshing questions. Just the fact they’re dialoguing and motivating people who might not think their voice is heard deserves some kudos.

Ted Talks

Yo, I’m a fuckin’ nerd! haha I love a good Ted Talk (I literally just blogged about one in my last post). I was super fortunate to attend a Tedx talk at my local university when I was in college. I chose this one because a) my homegirl Vanessa shared this with me, and b) I relate to this so much. As a “Jill” of all trades. I don’t think I have to be tied down to one title. That’s the beauty of being a creative. We can write, edit, film, produce, whatever the job entails… I’m ready for it. I am a multipotentialite, and I love the possibility that brings. We shouldn’t be labeled. We should our talents adapt and grow us.

NerdHQ – 

Y’all I’m so super bummed I never made it to NerdHQ. Yeah, Yeah, Zac’s a part of it. I love you, Z! But wholeheartedly, I LOVE NerdHQ. Not because I’m a crying baby and feel like it’s a safe space for me to cry cause I’m passionate about something, or something someone said (*cough* Z *cough*) hits my heart I feel like it’s one of the most intimate of arenas for panels, but the people are real, translucent and honest. In the words of Gina Rodriguez, “Be you! YOU IS DOPE!” And if I had the high honor of someday speaking at NerdHQ, which hey universe, I’m putting this out there… I really do hope that beyond me being a freakin’ blubbering crybaby, I hope whatever I talk about encourages one person to enrich the lives of others. That’s all I can hope for as a person of this very weird and very gnarley industry.

Anyway, that’s my dream! Hope it comes to reality, and again… Y’all if you have a dream. Like please don’t listen to the freakin’ haters. Do some research, be realistic and take things step by step but please DON’T BE AFRAID TO GO FOR YOUR DREAMS. I promise you, you have at least one person rooting for you, me.

Love and hugs,


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