Embrace Your Weird

When society hears the word, “weird” we think of scars, bumps, bruises, flaws. When in reality, each little quirk that makes us “weird” really creates our separate and singular identity. My message for you, embrace your weird.

I was that kid… 



I  was an odd kid.  Some days in elementary school, I played on the playground by myself at recess. Other students teased me because I was small, and an awkward child. Middle school wasn’t chummy either, I dubbed myself “the human hacky sack” from kids bouncing me around group to group. Kids are cruel. If I didn’t go through that rough childhood, it wouldn’t have taught me to not only respect myself but others. I empathize. If I see someone that other people might not understand, I feel a need to reach out. Kindness is born out of kindness, hate is born out of hurt.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is proof that’s not your predicament, it’s your actions with your perspective that defines you. He didn’t give up, and thank goodness he didn’t. 2 Grammys, billions of YouTube/music streams, and not to mention selling out stadiums/arenas in mere seconds — the power of embracing your weird.



Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.09.22 AM
An excerpt from an article in Newsweek.


And then there’s me….

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I love Logic. I’ve said it several times on here, haha. But seriously, this man is all about owning one’s credo and embracing our humanity. He’s a person that embraces the many sides of who he is and not let the “label” of rapper define what his content is. Ps. he’s just an awesome human being.

Justin Timberlake

One of the biggest pop acts to date was called “different” and “weird” in his childhood. “Your critics don’t count. Their words will fade. You won’t.” I was made out as the butt of the joke in school (more on that later). He’s right. Their words will fade because I was able to channel my passion, and not let critics get to me. I know my brand, and the beautiful thing is it’s your choice to connect with whoever responds to your artistry or not.

Zac Levi

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.16.37 AM.png

(Y’all saw this coming, c’mon, haha) Ok, before I launch into Zac’s bit I totally thought I was being original with the title. Come to find out he said that quote at some point during a past NerdHQ, haha. Goes to show you how alike we are. Anyway. Zac’s preparing for a major role as DC’s Shazam. THAT’S FREAKIN’ HUGE. Yet the brilliant thing is, he embraced his inner nerd long ago. When I was a kid, nerd was not a nice thing to be called. Now everyone’s wearing the Harry Potter horned rimmed glasses (graduating from the Buddy Holly/Point Dexter Wayfarers), acid-wash jeans, and other nerdy a la mode fashions. Plus comic books which used to be a “nerdy” thing are some of today’s highest grossing films. He celebrated and united the nerd family with the Nerd Machine and NerdHQ. Best thing is… he’s never changed since day 1.

Odd in love… 

I guess one of the things that makes me odd is how I go about my love life. Let’s not get down to the nitty gritty, but yes… I’ve been single for the past 27 years. Do I view that as a cross/blemish? No. I was focused on going to school, getting my degree and being me. I could go into another whole post (which I probably will at some point cause some people still don’t get it). No matter how many people pressure me, I’m not inspired to date right now. And can you blame me? With the tinders, the one night stands, the drunken hook ups, the sleaziness at bars? (I know I sound like a 80 year old). But seriously, I don’t take love lightly, and if being single makes me odd than, f*ck it. I have too much respect for the sanctity of marriage to date and meet guys for the sake of meeting guys. If being a woman of standard and taking time to figure my sh*t is weird, than call me a weirdo for true love.

I’m Still Me…

I’ve grown up… gathered different tastes, etc. etc, but I’m still that DisNerd, music loving, dance crazed, TV obsessed nerdy girl since childhood. I might be a creative weirdo (thanks Mr. Kate for that lovely nickname!), but I am unapologetically me. Don’t let conformity corrupt what makes you, YOU. Don’t let the haters’ jealousy and hurt change you into something you are not. Celebrate your originality… not to beat the dead horse, but in the words of Gina Rodriguez, “Be You, YOU IS DOPE!” 


Your lovable whimsical nerd,


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