New Year, New Me, Who Dis? Goals for 2018

Goals for 2018 – first and foremost no matter how lofty this list gets, I must work consistently at it. It’s going to be tough, but I know it’ll all be a form of evolvement in the ends.

Create > Consume – Y’all I binge watch a lot of stuff. To be perfectly honest, it’s a nice wind down activity, but my time could definitely be used for the wiser. Whether it’s blogging more (which I fully intend) or working on my comedy writing for my late night writer’s packet, I must find a way to constantly stretch & use my creative muscles.

Keep the momentum on relocation fund. – I started small this year, and I WILL add onto it. Not only will I be vigilant on my finances, but also not buying things out of haste. I should be thinking about my spending as a means to take care of myself an those I love. 2020 here I come…

Beef up my skill set – Whether it’s producing more shows, writing, filming, hosting – I want to have more work I’m continuously proud of creating.

Here comes the deep stuff y’all….

Toxic Energy – I’m finished with people playing God or “parent by extension” with me. In the end we make our own decisions and I’m done with negative energy consuming me. Bye bye bad vibes, hello positivity.

Be ok with “the calm” – As an adult, sometimes nothing happening may be a good thing. Of course we all want to be showered with good fortunes all the time, but just because life has a stillness doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The trick is not let the stillness turn into comfortability where you’re not growing and evolving as a person.

Trust God’s timing more – So many times this year I wanted to hit the fast forward button and skip through all the valleys of my life. Timing is a super gnarly thing, something I’ll never understand. After watching so many Ted Talks and NerdHQ panels, I’m beginning to comprehend that life has it’s own timeline, we don’t fully grasp. But I have hope and trust that God has bigger more awesome things working behind the scenes that I can only foresee as blessings later on. It’s not a test, it’s about trust.

Don’t be so hard on myself – I’m only human after all. Humans are allowed emotions, mistake, heartache. It’s what we do with that situation creates our identity and who we are. Mistakes do not degrade my worth or value.

Easy Love – Friends, hell even strangers probably think I’m delusional with some concocted fantasies just living in my head. EVERYONE no matter who it is, deserves an honest, respectful, deep and powerful love. If my vision looks a little different, that’s okay. But I’m not going to cave and take shortcuts to serve someone else’s idea of what love is for me. Nope, I’m going to take my journey. Because a) I don’t want no easy love 💙, and b) cheap love is no love at all.

Hope y’all are charged up and ready for a better 2018!

Happy thoughts and love,


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