Humanity Versus The Pedestal


Jane and I savor our delicious sushi whilst having a refreshingly candid discussion. I throw in some good ole’ “Zac Levisms” and suddenly, she asks, “What’s something negative you find about Zac?”

WOW. That question was immensely jarring. My mental wiring focuses not on the negative in people. It took me a good minute to find an answer. She kept saying, “You don’t have to respond,” or “it’s hard whenever you don’t really know the person personally.” But I knew the importance of this question.

“What’s something negative” wasn’t because she wanted me to outright find a “flaw” to criticize. No, no. To the outside world, I set famous people on pedestals. The irony is I don’t even “fall” for celebrities for the fame or status factor, My heart feels a connection. Be it the journeys we both took, or we shared the same sense of humor, whatever it may be. A huge chunk of it was that there was also an ineffable magnetic force pulling my heart to these guys not even my closest friends could comprehend.

The answer eventually came to me. I proceeded to tell Jane said negative trait. I’m not going to share what it is because I don’t know exactly where this “vice/negative trait” fits into Zac’s journey now and I don’t want to be criticizing it when I don’t even know the nature of where it stands. I acknowledge it. I also know he’s had a few talks with Jesus and I fully respect that.

Zac repeatedly acknowledges his humanity. He fucks up, we all fuck, that’s what makes us human. When he spoke with Anna Faris on her podcast, he conversed about how people put “celebrities” on pedestals, but it’s when those celebrities believe they belong on said pedestals is when it starts to get f*cked up.

I proceed to tell Jane all of this, and she’s like “you acknowledge he’s human, you acknowledge you’re human. That’s good! You’re aware of that (me telling her there’s a good chance I may never meet Zac), and that’s a good thing. This is what makes you not crazy.” She also pointed out that once I saw Zac’s negative attribution, I didn’t blindly follow suit simply because I admire him. The fact that at least one person doesn’t think I’m this naivete with delusional dreams comforts me.

Dentist, ballerina, a city sanitation worker – Y’all no matter the pay scale, profession, geographic location we are all human. I think we need that little reminder sometimes. Next time someone has a different point of view, hear them out. Ask them what kind of research or knowledge they have on the subject and openly talk it out with them. Don’t be a depressive and shut them down. If there’s a reason to be cautious, respectfully and tactfully workshop that issue. But don’t shut them down.

Don’t be the reason someone feels insecure. Be the reason why someone feels seen, heard, and supported by the universe. – Cleo Wade

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