You’ll Love Yourself for Listening to Austin Giorgio

Rochester, NY native Austin Giorgio releases his latest musical offering, “Love Yourself.” Listeners might recognize Austin from his recent stint on NBC’s “The Voice.” His energetic personality, velvety vocals, and even his slick moves won over coach Blake Shelton.

Throughout Giorgio’s run on “The Voice,” he was known for his take on standards. It might be daunting for someone who’s only 21 to take on the challenge of timeless tunes, but Giorgio worked the stage each week; performing songs like “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,” “It’s Almost Like Being in Love,” and “Me and Mrs. Jones.” He made it all the way to the live shows and earned Blake Shelton’s coveted save. Despite being a lover of jazz, for his final performance on the show, he took a top 40 contemporary song and put his own personal spin on it.

Giorgio explains in a behind the scenes video, that even though he sings a contemporary song, he wants to capture the similar message of a classic,”My Funny Valentine.” Both beautiful songs, but lyrically dark. Putting his signature on the popular Justin Bieber hit, Austin changes the phrasing to make a musical statement to the person he’s singing to. Though the song is already “raw” on its own being just a piano and vocals (with occasional trumpet for the bridge), Austin’s musical storytelling through his voice provides a different audio journey than most music released today.

I hesitate to use the word, ‘crooner’ simply because I don’t like labeling artists and not giving them free reign to explore their varying interests. However, it’s undeniable Austin reminds us of musicians like Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr. with his sophistication, rich voice and stage swagger. He hits the sweet spot by appealing to a young audience but also drawing in a crowd of different ages with his renditions of lush records of the past.  Make sure to add Giorgio on your list of artists to watch. You’ll love yourself for it.

Purchase “Love Yourself” On iTunes

Stream on Spotify

Vist Austin Giorgio’s Website for more info! 

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