The Spotlight Can Wait

Hello, friends, 2016 means something different to everyone. For me, it meant that it wasn’t my turn. “Spotlight moments” aka the standard graduations, job promotions, engagements, etc. didn’t happen for me — and that’s perfectly fine. I didn’t think so at first, but as we’re nearing the year’s end I learned a very valuable lesson […]


If Westie University Existed….

Ahhh… WestieU… where the hotels are our campus, workshops are our classroom and late night socials are one big giant frat/keg party. How the first day of college would feel every year, if it was like the first day of events…  How you greet people if you actually come to the class (aka workshops) after a […]


Sweet US Open Dreams Are Made Of These

Impossible. FREAKIN’ Impossible to put into words how magical and fantastical The 2014 US Open Swing Dance Championship (aka the Superbowl/Olympics of West Coast Swing) truly was. Classic and Showcase routines, mind blowing. Crazy good J&Js and Strictlys from every level. Amazing social dancing music (which i’m ripping for my next DJ gig fyi) from […]